Welcome to RetroBlockParty

Bringing communities together for charity

DrunkGamesDoneSlowly (DGDS) Is about bringing communities together for different charities. Each month, a roster of streamers apply and are chosen to participate in something greater than themselves, and so far we have raised more than ten thousand dollars for different charities.

Before applying, you may have questions. What is RetroBlockParty? What is Tiltify? Who owns RetroBlockParty? This hopes to tackle any questions you may have!



  • What is RetroBlockParty?

 RetroBlockParty (Formerly DGDS) was formed to bring the community together to raise money for charity. Since forming in January of 2018, RetroBlockParty and the community has raised over twenty-thousand dollars for various charities.


  • How do I know the money is getting to the charity and not in someones pocket?

There's multiple ways you can check! From the website: Tiltify is the first crowdfunding platform designed for gamers to raise money through their streams, for their favorite causes. Tiltify allows users to build campaign pages where it is easy to create rewards, take donations, explain your schedule and goals, and share with your friends.



You can also check your bank statement after you've made a donation and it will indicate where your donation has gone. See the image:




  • How do I apply/get accepted?

You are already halfway there! Simply click the apply tab and fill out the form to apply. To get accepted is a bit more complicated. The big thing the organizers look for is a sense of community. RetroBlockParty is one big community of people that support each other. If your only concern is growing your channel, RetroBlockParty is probably not for you. While streamers are allowed to advertise their own channel, RetroBlockParty is about more than any one streamer. It's about the community and how we can do some good in the world.


  • What is considered retro for RetroBlockParty?

For application purposes, the second week of each month is only 'retro'. Anything gen 5 or below (N64/PS1). All games have to be approved, for instance, RPG's are not allowed due to being a little too long winded for a two hour block. For the fourth week of each month, anything goes. Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo/Retro blended into 48 hours. Again, all games must be approved by the organizers.


  • Well darn. RPG's are ruled out, does that mean I have to beat a game in two hours?

No! The only thing we ask is that you don't blind run a game like Metroid and struggle through it for two hours. But not beating games is sort of what RetroBlockParty was founded on! As long as you are having fun, the community is having fun and that's all that matters.



  • How will I know if I'm accepted or not?

In order to apply, we strongly recommend being in the Discord. If you are accepted, you should receive a direct message on Discord from RetroBlockParty with further instructions. If you were not accepted, nothing happens. We attempted to let people know why they were denied at one point and some took it personally. If you are rejected, it is absolutely nothing personal. It's sort of our motto.